• Simple Device Setup

    Simply activate the feature on your supported GE Healthcare medical device and you are ready to go. With AVURI’s self-service device claiming feature, devices are displayed real-time within the AVURI platform.

  • Local Acceptance

    AVURI is designed to not interfere with daily usage. Updates from the cloud to a device first need to be accepted by the local user in order to ensure minimal disruption.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    AVURI displays a unified list of all assets on a single screen. The intuitive UI uses tiles to represent devices, drag and drop functionality and an intuitive sorting and grouping functionality.

  • Customized Views

    AVURI is designed to allow you to prioritize actions, view progress and isolate errors. With a single click you can customize your view to match your needs.

  • User Management

    AVURI allows central users to assign and control access to others and all actions are logged providing improved visibility.

  • Secure

    Every aspect of AVURI is built with security in mind. Your device data on the AVURI platform is protected by GE Healthcare’s proprietary medical grade data security standards and data that is transferred is never patient data.


AVURI® Device Management is available with supported GE Healthcare devices running the latest software. The current list of modalities and devices supported is as below.

Modalities supported:

  • Ultrasound - General Imaging

Devices supported:

  • LOGIQ E10 (software version R2.2 or higher)
  • LOGIQ E10s (software version R2.2 or higher)

In order to use AVURI Device Management, you will also require a GE Healthcare Log On Account. This is available by registering at gehealthcare.com/register.

Details available in the section below.

If you have an existing AVURI Device Management account, you may sign in here.

Quick Start

A quick start guide is available for each of the supported devices. Click on the supported guide below to access your quick start guide.

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