At a glance

  • ico-linegraph
    Maximize productivity

    by eliminating the need to travel from site to site to every single ultrasound device

  • Drive consistency

    and standardization across all users, ultrasound devices, and sites

  • Increase equipment availability

    with updates at the click of a button instead of sacrificing scan time to get the latest protocols

  • ico-doctor
    Improve staff satisfaction

    by empowering clinical team to test changes, with the ability to easily revert if they're unsatisfied with those changes

Product Features

  • Simple device setup

    Simply register and manage your ultrasound devices from one centralized, web-based portal

  • ico-cloud
    Back up & restore

    Allows you to back-up in the cloud and restore configurations

  • ico-settings
    Configuration management

    Simply push new configurations remotely to any connected device

  • ico-security
    Strong security

    Because there's no access to data and images, patient information remains protected

Case Study

St. Luke's UHN

Read how St.Luke's UHN leveraged Verisound™ Fleet to quickly, easily, and remotely make system-wide changes to 49 ultrasound devices across a 50-mile radius.

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